Need new gear...for cheap :S
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Thread: Need new gear...for cheap :S

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    Need new gear...for cheap :S

    Hey guys!!

    I know I know, everyone wants things for cheap all the time, but unfortunately I am a broke student and need riding gear, especially pants and boots....soooo if anyone has any ideas or gear that's kicking around and collecting dust!!! let me know

    female size small or medium
    boots: size 8


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    I have some old teknic riding boots size 9 mens, sorry I don't know how that converts to womens, 25 bucks and they are yours,
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    according to this chart, 9mens = 11 womens

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mechannibalism View Post
    Rerides 54th. and Victoria, She opens late in the day~3:30
    this and craigslist are your best bet, as frustrating as craigslist people can be.

    If you check canada's motorcycle for closeout gear you can get some fairly good deals, package a couple and get to 100 bucks and it's free shipping
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    I am selling my gear:

    -Small Shift gloves
    -Medium Shift jacket
    -Small HTC helmet
    -Icon body armour
    PM me if your intersted

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    I need more room in the shop!
    eBay Motors, U.S.A site.
    Just got a like new used race suit, awesome shape with newish pucks, full CE armour, 250 bucks all in!
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    I'm sure you have already, but Craigslist is always a good "go to".
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