Stuntman/wingsuit flyer Mark Sutton ...
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Thread: Stuntman/wingsuit flyer Mark Sutton ...

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    Stuntman/wingsuit flyer Mark Sutton ...

    ... was recently killed during a wingsuit proximity flying adventure (apparently he was so mangled, they had to use DNA samples to confirm his identity), and because he was moderately 'famous' (he parachuted into the Olympic Games ceremonies dressed as James Bond) The Guardian News has written an "oh gasp - tragic accident - people are asking 'how could this happen'" article ...

    WTF do they think. These nutbars are skimming mere mm's past rocks at 200 kph, with little to no directional control, just for a rush (and a moment of fame); well one miscalculation and SPLAT - the body explodes into a fine, red vapour.

    Whatever. It'd be akin to a motorbike rider splitting lanes at 260 kph through 80 kph traffic. I suppose at least the wingsuit guys are only really endangering themselves.

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    No surprise, he wont be the last.
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    right. don't go splat. thanx
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    You can bet that restrictions are under way. Can't have people just 'opting out' like that, after all. I'm sure some politician who has never even so much as sat on a swingset knows better.
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    I agree 100%. Somebody dies in some extremely rare accident and all of a sudden there has to be new rules. It's like the Python incident, it was already illegal for the guy to have the snake and they're trying to find ways to change the laws so this never happens again. I know it's not the same as the wingsuit thing, but it gets down to the same issue; which is that people die, and not all deaths are preventable. Time we get over that.

    It wasn't the first wingnutter to die, won't be the last. These guys know the risks, and I'm sure they have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. I wish I had the balls to try it. Hopefully they don't start closing/banning Wingsuits everywhere.

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    There should be wing suit speed limits -- say 70kph -- and if you caught doing say 111 kph they should seize your wing suit!!
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