"Tough Life"
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Thread: "Tough Life"

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    "Tough Life"

    after reading few of the recent threads i couldn't help to smile at the content.

    so what is it that YOU had to deal with or didn't have or had to do that was considered 'normal' when you were growing up yet will seem impossible to understand by today's young generation, especially that of a first world countries? turn back the time machine.
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    listen to me or i will eat you're bacon

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    Walking to and from school
    All my Mistresses have two round, sticky black feet and are Made in Japan or Germany!
    If I die on Phillip Island, so what! I'm already in Heaven! WOOHOOO!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FASTn50 View Post
    Walking to and from school
    Uphill. In the snow. Both ways

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    Law of Logical Argument - "Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about"

    Quote Originally Posted by MagneticSouth on ADVRider.com
    If i was put here on earth to be a practical functional, purposeful member of society... im a happy FAIL

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    No computers or cellphones

    No DVD's No CD's

    Just VHS tapes that I had to ride my BMX bike an hour on icy sidewalks to get rent a movie. And I was happy to do it because it was such a novelty to have leading edge VCR technology in our own home in the country, that we just got for Christmas.
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    worked every summer full time in construction since i was 13 to get what i wanted. around my dad's places we had to log and i got to be the choker every time, it was ok, i liked climbing. i doubt many kids swing a sledge or use a nailgun in their teens anymore.

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    Fixing your own car

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    and knowing what an automatic choke was and knowing how to tickle the throttle just so in order to start it.

    getting in a physical confrontation with a substitute teacher and having the principle tell us we were both wrong and to get the hell out of his office.

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    Work for your spending money, and no allowance. Taking public transit to school since 2nd grade, or walking to school.
    Back in BC, yay!!!
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    Asking my dad for a new bike...so he showed me how get a job cutting grass. I bought one eventually and was happy it was mine. I just thought if you wanted something you could always just earn it.... no big deal.
    Hey! Whad'ya pull me over for?? ....it was those guys!

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    Standing in line to cash a pay cheque, no debit cards and no beer stores or liquor stores open on Sunday.

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    I need more room in the shop!
    8 track tapes were all the rage, when Pioneer decks were the top of the line, top song? Running with the devil!
    A Toyota Corona was nicer than a Toyota corolla... When Datsun was a Datsun, When CB's had a range further than 3 km, and everyone spoke English!
    When you could quit your job just because and collect U.I. for a year!
    When gas was 99 cents a gallon, in Canada!
    When Kelowna had 70 thousand people (my Mom still remembers hwy 97 as a dirt road and you took a ferry to get to Kelowna)
    Black and white T.V. with a channel dial.
    When the radio and T.V. needed tubes.
    When you could smoke in a Mall and an airplane.
    When a siren caught everyone's attention, cause you hardly ever heard one!
    When they used to be called Satan's Angles!
    When you couldn't make the part, you looked for a used good one, if not, then you bought a new one.
    When you actually knew who lived next door!
    When a car was made out of new steel, not recycled, and about the only thing plastic was the distributer cap and the knobs on the dash!
    When you turned the radio on, you had to wait for the tubes to warm up.
    When speed limits were in MPH.
    Remember "Simpson Sears?" common joke at the time was pimps and queers...lol
    When you wanted a gun, you just bought one at the local hardware store, or even Army Navy store.
    When McDonalds first opened up, and the big mac was a big mac, still tasted like crap, even back then.
    When you went to A&W, and they brought the food out to your car!
    Drive in Movie's, which if you didn't have the money to get in, you parked under a power line across the street and tuned in with your car radio.
    When you could hide 4 cases of beer under the hood of a car, about the only place they never looked!
    When 60 mph was considered stupid fast on a snowmobile.
    Friday night bush parties, and you told your parents you needed a case of beer, and they bought it for you, and you were only 15!
    And the vehicle that was holding up traffic? a Volvo!
    Man for a minute I got stuck there in a time warp!
    As Einstein stated: "All our lauded technological progress -- our very civilization -- is like the axe in the hand of the pathological criminal."

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    Spinning right round baby right round.
    Great topic.

    Manually turning the big aerail (spelling?) To get to one of our 4 channels. 2, 6, 8,12 and sometimes CkVU 10.

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    Porn movies in Blain, gas .19 a gallon. No ICBC or seat belts. Lots of fog, tram downtown, Sat matinee was .05. Kits pool was tidal and free. My first car was a '52 Pontiac Torpedo. The list is long. Peter's ice cream on West Broadway. Robsonstausse. Crusader Rabbit, channel 12, with good rabbit ears. Home delivery of milk.
    Full Yoshi SS, Galfer wave rotors, Goodridge steel lines, Hel oil lines, Corbin GFL, Penske rear, RaceTech front, Hids, Givi hard bags with full lighting kit, Dyna Coils, K&N, Samco rad hoses, 9500ix/iQ, Pazzo, some bling, some CF.

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