Fairing Repair for Small Amount of Missing Plastic
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Thread: Fairing Repair for Small Amount of Missing Plastic

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    Question Fairing Repair for Small Amount of Missing Plastic

    Someone did a hit and run on my bike yesterday. They backed into it, knocked it over, pulled it back up and then left like nothing happened. I got a cracked left rear set and some scratches/grind marks. The main damage was my front upper fairing.

    It cracked and a little piece broke off but I couldn't find the piece! I want to salvage this fairing. But since there's a little chunk missing what's the best way to build this up? Can i try and bridge the gap with Bondo Epoxy then sand down? Any other suggestions?

    Here is a pic.


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    That's a tough one for a beginner. It's important to line it up properly when you clamp it (NOT like in the pic). Clamp a piece of 1/16" aluminium to the back and bend it to suit, then cut a piece ABS and glue it in. Reinforce it as explained in the other post.
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    If you have comprehensive it may be worth filing a claim. The area around a headlight is a tough spot to deal with.

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    I've had great success with GFlex and fiberglass.

    Buy Gflex, some fiberglass cloth, and some sandable filler. Sand the back of the area to be fixed and flame treat it. Use a propane torch or BBQ lighter and go over the sanded area for about 2 seconds of flame exposure. This greatly improves adhesion. Then wipe it down with rubbing alchohol. Repair the fairing on the back with 2 to 3 layers of cloth and Gflex. When dried, mix Gflex with a generous amount of the sandable filler and patch the outside. Sand the outside and then paint.



    You can buy it at Martin Marine in North Vancouver.

    Polyethylene (HDPE) 655 80-grit sand 400 psi tensile strength
    Polyethylene (HDPE) 655 80-grit sand, flame treat 1890 psi
    Polyethylene (HDPE) 655 Alcohol wipe, flame treat 2312 psi
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