Half track day, half race day, this Sunday at tradex!
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Thread: Half track day, half race day, this Sunday at tradex!

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    Half track day, half race day, this Sunday at tradex!

    This is for this weekend Aug 24th & 25th

    So for the final round of supermoto this season, we are going to change the format to try to please some of the riders that aren't sure about having to enter a full on race.

    Saturday will be our normal 5-7pm practice for $40, but on sunday, we are going to run the entire morning as a practice as well! It seems a lot of the riders that are coming out aren't interested in racing, they just want a place to ride their motard safely off the street and have some fun. Now you can come out saturday night and/or sunday morning.

    These are the official details for this weekend.

    This upcoming weekend will be your last chance for track time this season, and we have some new ideas to get you MORE TRACK TIME! The goal is to fill grids and get more bikes on the track. Yes, it's time to burn this year's tires down to the fibres. Read on...because there are changes to our usual weekend:

    3:00pm: Track setup (all help is GREATLY appreciated)
    5-7pm: Open track time.
    Camping in the pits is FREE

    8:00am: Registration opens.
    9:00am: Tech inspection opens.

    9:45am: Riders meeting <-MANDATORY to ride.

    10:00am: OPEN TRACK TIME. Group sessions. Let's have FUN.

    11:50am: Heat races ONLY FOR CLASSES WITH 5 OR MORE RIDERS.

    12:00pm: Lunch break.

    1:00pm: RACES <-DOUBLE POINTS.


    3:30pm: Track teardown. Again, all help is greatly appreciated.

    4:00pm: Awards ceremonies.

    4:30pm: Drinks at The Baron


    Saturday - open track time $40* (unless it's your first time out with BCSM: $15)

    Sunday morning - open track time: $50*

    Sunday - open track time AND all-you-can-race: $100*

    Sunday racers are open to enter any class they wish (exception: Novice, Intermediate and Expert classes cannot cross-over).

    Want to ride Saturday night only? $40* (unless it's your first time out with BCSM: $15).

    Want to ride all Sunday morning and watch some great racing after? $50*.

    Want to ride all Sunday morning and try your hands at a novice race? $100*.

    Want to ride all morning, then race Novice 450, Pavement Open, Vet 35+, and the BCSM Open? $100* (then puke).

    YES you can upgrade at lunch to enter the races.

    Does this sound like FUN???

    Join us - new and old members and make this weekend one to remember.

    See you there!

    BC Supermoto

    * BCSM membership and insurance is required for new members. Weekend membership available for cheap.

    The practice and races are split into skill levels, so you can feel comfortable at any skill level. If you've got a supermoto bike, and you want to REALLY ride it, come out this weekend. Talk to other riders, learn some new skills, and do it in a safe environment without cars, pedestrians and speeding tickets!
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