abs plastics aftermarket cheapies
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Thread: abs plastics aftermarket cheapies

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    abs plastics aftermarket cheapies

    Who has them here? Thought someone on here was selling them?
    Or if you have purchased where you buy from?
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    I got a set for a friend about 3 years ago off ebay. I knew it would be crap but did not realize just how shitty they actually are. The plastic did not flex very well at all, the holes where either in the wrong place or not there at all, needless to say fitment was horrible. I would not go for it.

    I also spoke with a shop who had installed a few of these and they had the same issues. Unless you know how to modify things and you are comfortable installing this kind of thing, I would stay clear.
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    I have heard from another shop that they have improved... Take that for what it's worth. As I have purchased stuff from china that was identical in quality to OEM or aftermarket... And I have also seen stuff that was fucking terrible. As in not worth taking if its free.

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