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    old race bikes...

    hey, im looking at this old 89 GSXR 750 for sale. they are asking 3000, which seems great, but it is an old race bike.

    ill just paste you what he said when i emailed him :

    "still have it. no pics available yet however you can look at any 89 gixer for the style. bright yellow with blue power coated headers, blue seat, yosh pipe(really purrs) 27 000kms, just out of the shop, mechanically sound, geared low with loads of torque. new tires. ignition coil replaced, new chain/sprockets, dyno tuned. any questions just ask."

    "i am the 2nd owner, it was a track bike, i've had it for 3 years, 1 crack about 1.5" on the right side engine vent from when my mother in law sat on it and almost dropped it, hit it with my knee so it split. there is a small scuff on the front brake lever(the ball at the end) so one would assume a very low speed lay down. all ferrings are in great shape so they must have been replaced. forks are straight, like i said great condition. were i to keep it the only thing i would do is add to the graphics. i've kept it clean looking with few logos. $3000 obo."

    "was race bike, with high perf. components, now street same components, just runs better with recent changes."

    "1pc blue with yellow "holy shit strap" seats 2 with no problem."
    ^^^^ does he mean its just a normal seat? i wanted to know wether it was just a solo and this is what he said... i was to seat 2..

    what do you guys think? it looks like a nice bike to me... but what about the crack on the engine vent? sounds like a trick bike but im not sure wether it has been ragged on or not, he has takin it in for tune ups and everything, so i think it is prolly well cared for.

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    Sounds like a wrung-out dishrag, candle-in-a-cowpie birthday cake to me. I'd run away, if I were you. At the very least, ensure the bike has legal papers for road use. Many "track bikes" are former massive write offs that have been rebuilt with parts from many bikes.


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