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    Comm Systems w/ Integrated mic

    Hey guys, I use a full face helmet and I used to have a chatterbox x2 system but I hated it because I would feel the front Mic touching my lips and I like to hold my helmet with my hand in the front area and so I just hated having a Mic in the helmet. I heard some comm kits not have mics integrated in the speakers any review or recommendations?

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    Suggestion - get over it, and buy a Sena.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHIA View Post
    Suggestion - get over it, and buy a Sena.
    I second the motion.

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    UClear: recommended

    We are now on our third generation of headsets:

    First off: got a cheap wired system to "test the waters" some 4 years ago. Was OK but it was always on so picked up a lot of wind noise ALL THE TIME and battery life was poor.

    Second step: got a Scala G4 set. Very much better. However: in spite of a couple of firmware updates the Vox part just did not work that well. On top of that we bought the sets with the bigger boom mikes (wired mikes were not yet available at that time). The mikes were intrusive and a bit of a pain.

    Now: I am sending this from Rome in Italy. We are on a long planned bike trip in Italy: will be picking up a Ducati Multistrada in Milan on Sunday. In preparation for this trip we decided that, if possible, we would like to improve our intercom. So after reading a fair bit we dove in and bought a couple of UClear HBC200 headsets.

    After a few rides I must say: these are great! They were a breeze to fit, the "non-microphones" work great, the noise cancelling is great, the vox part works: all in all just a good product.

    We will be giving these a workout for the next two weeks starting on Sunday, but so far I am very impressed.

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    depends what you want it for

    passenger to rider comm? probably u-clear.

    bike to bike comm with ability to listen to music via BT, have alerts from gps, radar detector, phone? SENA all the way.

    i do not want to hear someone else singing along/sneezing/sniffling/etc. being able to close channel is also a plus. most people i go on rides with rock the sena, so that helped force the decision between it and scala rider.
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    If you get the "Sena SMH10 Universal Bluetooth Headset" it comes with the 'WIRED" mic and a boom mic.

    If you can only get the boom mic unit or have a second helmet you can buy a second helmet clamp kit
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    Sena SMH-10 snowmobile kit from Canadas motorcycle comes with 2 units and both mic options for both units.
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    The scalarider G9 also comes with both wired and boom mics in the box. Out of the systems I have tried it gets my vote.

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    I vote the Sena. Excellent controls. I use it 98% of the time to listen to music on my phone (commuting to work and back). You could also wire up your audio or radar detector to the 3.5mm jack in the unit.

    Charging is simple, use any micro usb charger. Excellent audio quality, simply excellent. I use the boommics and yeah sometimes it's in your face, but that's not a big deal. I've hard that that stick on wired mics pick up too much noise so be careful of that.

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