2006 Suzuki SV650 Race Bike
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    2006 Suzuki SV650 Race Bike

    Race Only

    Supersport engine built for reliability: Lightened, balanced and cryo treated crankshaft (done by Falicon in Florida), lightened flywheel and rotor, Carrillo H-Beam connecting rods, Wiseco pistons (standard bore, high compression), Spears Enterprises base and head gaskets to bump compression (estimated 13:1), PCIII mapped, star shifter, manual cam chain tensioners, pair block off, Spears steel oil pump gear, APE cylinder head studs, cam swap, M4 full exhaust (titanium), plus stock full exhaust. (Only 2 race weekends of use since this engine was built).
    Suspension: Forks are modified with Honda F2 Tubes and racing cartridge kits, using stock SV sliders (expensive modification, but Supersport legal). Shock is a Penske 8983 with remote adjuster.
    SV Racing adjustable rear sets
    GPR rotary steering damper
    Russell brake lines
    2 spare rear wheels with rotors, 1 front spare wheel with rotors. 1 set ready with new rains, one rear with slick. Bike also has slicks mounted (all UK made Dunlop slicks, Pirelli rains).
    Nice bodywork with polyurethane aircraft paint (super tough)

    Can deliver to Mission at the races Saturday 28 September
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