Carb Questions (again)??
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Thread: Carb Questions (again)??

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    Carb Questions (again)??

    Can any one tell me exactly what each of the parts do in a CV carb:

    The Jet.
    The Needle.
    And the Air Fuel Mixture

    I have a Hindle Supersport can on my 2001 Bandit. I shimmed the needles with one washer. The result is a bit more top end and mid range. However, it smells like it's running rich and my fuel consumption has gone up. Air / Fuel screw untouched.

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    Here's some carb basics:

    Here's some carb tuning basics:

    In general, my limited understanding says that carbs are a real biotch to tune and that, while certain components (needles, jets, etc) have effects on certain areas.. changing just 1 little thing can sometimes paint a whole new picture and put you back at square 1.

    For minor stumbles and flat spots you should be able to find some info in those links to help steer you the right way... but if things start getting progressively worse be ready to back up and rethink rather than compounding the problem with bandaid on top of bandaid on top of bandaid! Its real easy to go through "oh fixing this stumble caused that stumble, fixing that stumble caused that flat spot, fixing that flat spot.. ooops.. bike won't start!" hehe.

    From what you said though.. is it rich at idle and pulling nicely otherwise? You might get away with just leaning the air-fuel screws a bit. If its rich all over you might want to unshim the needles and use the above info to maybe help find a better way to attack what you were trying to fix in the first place. A lot of people get away with just mixture screw adjustments and come away quite happy.

    Tee Tee has answered some posts like this before so do some searching also, I remember (vague, hazy, did somebody mention ice cream?) asking a lot of this stuff too.
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