Post: My poor experience with Bayside Performance in Vancouver
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I'm a bit confused why you would take your near new Ducati, still under warranty, to a non dealer for something other than a tire change? I don't recall anyone with a near new Lambo or Ferrari taking their machine for service at some independent repair shop.

The whole situation could have been eliminated had you taken it to a factory dealer instead of saving money at another shop.
Don't be confused Steve, this is what we call the "Cheap Prick" or "Welfare rider" in the business. Had to spend his last cent buying the biggest poser vehicle he can find (not just Ducati), and doesn't have the bank roll to keep up with the image. Cheaps out and then blame falls squarly on some shop who's never worked on one and doesn't have the online manual or the torque specs for the drain bolts, or the Ducati oil filter you're supposed to use etc etc.....

These same guys come you our shop with Ducati's, Triumphs and Harleys cause they don't want to pay for a proper service or don't want to drive the 15min and arrange a ride home after dropping off their bikes.

Pay them no attention or pity them for being cheap, they made that decision, let em stew in it. Even more pathetic, they come to a forum to bitch and think everyone is gonna be on "my Side" over this perceived outrage.....Fuck off.