cheap place for a service/tune up??
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Thread: cheap place for a service/tune up??

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    cheap place for a service/tune up??

    anyone know a mechanic or dealer that does bike service/tune up for a cheap price and does a good job?

    have a R6 that needs to be serviced

    any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    "Cheap" and "good job" don't always go often get what you pay for...

    I use Imperial and am happy with them...

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    Try BCIT. They have a MC mechanic program there. There are lots of guys who work at bike shops that are from that program.

    All they charge for are parts and admin fees. Had a full tune up done ie. new plugs, oil/filter change, air cleaner, brake fluid change, tighten up chain and other minor adjustments for $80 or so.

    The only thing is that you cannot rush them. They take there time, and the work is usually inspected by the teacher. Depends on there work load.

    Had my bike back in 2 days.

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