Motoring Enthusiast Party wins seat in Australian Senate
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Thread: Motoring Enthusiast Party wins seat in Australian Senate

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    Motoring Enthusiast Party wins seat in Australian Senate

    Good news is... properly put together, motoring enthusiasts actually can create quite a political impact and win a seat.

    Bad news... when it comes down to it... is there really a recognizable, like-minded group of "motoring enthusiasts" all sharing the same political goals and means... does not appear so

    In Australia, the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party candidate actually won a seat in the senate. Then the party descended into chaos, and imploded. Now basically AMEP has a sitting senator without the party that got him there.

    news story link....

    I hope we do better here in BC, if that day ever comes, when we have an openly pro motoring rights candidate. But somehow, seeing how we can't even have a BCCOM post without instant bickering, I don't know if we'd be much better at merging politics and motorcycling.
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    what is their electoral system like? no way it would work in our riding system.
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