Make a Motorcycle out of a car?
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Thread: Make a Motorcycle out of a car?

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    Make a Motorcycle out of a car?

    Okay, I can not read french at all,
    Apparently, this guy gets himself in a jam out in the desert, and turns his car, into you guessed it, a motorcycle.
    second page has a picture... linky>>>>
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    That's awesome!
    I bet if something happened to the "motorcycle" he would have made it into a unicycle and rode out of there.

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    Just arrived , the Royal Canadian Mounted Police strongly advises him to continue further as the area beyond Tilemsem access is prohibited, due to new developments in the conflict between years Morocco and the Western Sahara.
    Emile must turn obviously military and ask him more for taking on board a licensee to bring to Tan- Tan.

    Analyzing the situation and seeing his draft raid upset, Emile evoke an insurance problem that does not allow him to carry passengers , arguing that the 2CV is already very busy . He knows that it is frowned upon in Africa not take flyer on his car in these circumstances. It will play the naive and misunderstanding by adopting the attitude of tourists not really aware of local customs .

    Emile then back to Tan -tan in the upset and reproachful gaze of the military. He leaves at a good pace , because he fears that would follow and he wants to stay away from the eyes of those he just leave . His plan is to bypass the area off- track and regain its original direction ... After a few kilometers , it left the track on the right and rushes over uneven and rocky ground .
    After a moment, after stronger jolt , the car jumped and brutally hit a rock. It must stop because the 2CV no longer responds very well and with good reason. Wheel arms folded and broken spar ...

    Emile organizes his camp around 2 HP crashed and pondered the situation. It is a few tens of kilometers from Tan -tan , he could walk to , but it takes the risk of dropping a car certainly in bad point but can still attract lust. Not to mention equipment.
    In the desert, nothing is definitively lost , especially for someone who knows how to find ...

    It has enough food and water to take a seat, and he made a decision to say the least surprising : from the wreck, it will build a machine with two wheels! He carefully considered one by one all the technical obstacles that entails and what Doctor African mechanics has all the tools and elements for successful operation.

    The next morning , he began to remove the 2 CV , first removing the shell it will use as a shelter against the cool nights and sandstorms. Against sun burn , with no long-sleeved shirts , it manufactures sleeves with a pair of socks.

    With what remains on the car, Emile Leray will attempt to build a motorcycle. The night wore board and he mentally reviewed all the steps and challenges involved in this crazy project ... A project that he probably had to imagine a long time, but without having had the opportunity to materialize.

    The wheel arm ( which it will delete cm - the hacksaw ) are inserted upside down on a small frame of his front and rear spars . The engine and the gearbox are then laid on the frame, at the center. We will reserve space for the battery and the fuel tank and keep an empty space for luggage. Without neglecting the development of the steering system .

    The most surprising thing in this bike is 2 CV transmission. It is inspired by that of Solex . It is a drum that causes the rear wheel by friction, and by the laws of physics and mechanics , requires driving with reverse. Disassemble the gearbox to reverse the differential would have been too risky in this world of sand ...

    It seems unthinkable to assemble this machine in the desert without using drill and welder . All parts are screwed together . When the hole , it will be in Africa: the piece of metal is bent at 90 ° to form an edge. At a certain point , this edge is weakened hacksaw or round file . In the limit of drilling, we must put the piece flat and puncture point filed with a hammer and a punch. Connections have been made as far as possible according to the original chassis or engine-transmission block holes.

    The rest is only a matter of time, influenced by the depletion of food . Emile considers should spend three days to build his bike , he will in twelve actually ...

    There will be a large degree of uncertainty to complete this project and it will not be so easy to achieve one might think . The possibility of failure remained present throughout the adventure , giving some anxieties lonely mechanic
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    This is about 7 years old. Interesting though. I have seen it in English....
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