Hi guys and gals, fellow riders.

I don't ask for much, well nothing actually, and I don't expect favours from a forum anyways, but if you can take two minutes and support a very worthy cause it is much appreciated. Two young school teachers from my home town were taken too soon last year and there is a campaign to construct memorial park in their honour at the elementary school. As it is such a small town, the accident had a huge impact on the community. The memorial would honor their presence and leave an ever greater legacy behind.

It is voting via Facebook so if you don't have a profile, don't worry. But you know how these campaigns are, someone with thousands of Facebook friends gets the win and the best cause doesn't always come out on top.

If you vote, I thank you, and I know the entire community and children thank you. If you do not, I appreciate your time in at least reading this post.

Here is the link: