Smoked by a cager
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Thread: Smoked by a cager

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    Smoked by a cager

    I was making a left turn and I got smoked by a mofo tailgating me. But just wondering how hard of a hit does it take to have a bent frame and how do they determine whether the frame is bent or not?? I called the doorknobs from ICBC and they said they were gonna fix it After the bikes been down, I don't think I want it anymore, is there anyway to argue with ICBC?
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    My bike was bad enough that the pipe tore off and bent in a V shape fairings were scraped all over, and the back wheel was dented bigtime and a flat tire to go with it

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    Thats nasty man. are you okay?did you get whiplashed?
    Sounds like the bike frame might be okay provided the upper tail section was not damaged. Any pics?

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    When my brand new SV650 and I got rearended by truck, the bike was about 90% destroyed and ICBC fixed it. No way was I riding it, you should have seen it. Don't know how you argue that. Fight is ongoing.

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    Hopefully, you're okay! Good luck with ICBC.
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    If the frame and the engine is ok, why would you want to write it off?

    Mind you, the plastic is probably half of the cost of the bike, stupid OEM parts.

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    good luck selling a bike with a $5K accident on it. i wouldnt want my bike back after that kind of repair bill.

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    if you really want to rid yourself of the bike, try findin out who's goin to do the inspection on it, tell them how you feel and bring 'em a cashe of beer.

    i know how you feel though.

    it's a scary thought to think that the bike might have a frame flaw, specially when you're hittin 2hunny or more.

    with as much damage as you spoke of, it's entirely possible there's frame warpage

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    hope you're alright.
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    well icbc decided to fix it, estimated damage at 3000 sumthin... but I talked to the dealership where I bought my bike from and they said it'll at least cost 4000-5000 to really fix, but they said they'll check out the frame carefully and see what they can do. I'm fine cuts bruises, the usual deal. Lucky i was wearing my jacket. I guess the worse of all was the bruised ego and a broken heart, watching the bike go down.

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    its got 2 wheels
    WTF why did they decline the guy hit you?

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    WTF ICBC sucks.
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    Originally posted by smokedvw
    WTF why did they decline the guy hit you?
    ............what are you talking about?? There is no mention of denial here. And at any rate.......the shop will be the first one to spot anything bad or potentially dangerous about a repair..........they got liability themselves to worry about fixing a bike that's gone down. C'mon people...don't go scaring the guy without knowing what damages were done aside from cosmetics.....geez, talk about getting a guy bad thoughts. But seriously, cosmetics aside, it should be good as takes a lot to do any structural damage to frames these days. Just talk to the service mgr. of the shop and give yourself peace of mind. Don't let this ruin your riding season is all I'm saying........ Best of luck.
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    What I was told was Icbc does not take the bike apart and does a looking estimate. It still can be written off if the shop finds anything that is beyong repair or the cost is too much to repair. But haha u guys know what icbc is about, it's about making money by trying to rip victims off, but aside from that, I'm letting my lawyer handles pretty much everything. Just that when a bike goes down by someone's stupidity and not yours, WHO would want the bike anymore or trust that the bike is at it's prestine condition?? OH WELL, gotta get deal with it one way or another haha I think I'm taking this pretty well

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    If you don't agree with it, get your dealer to inspect it and quote. Then bring it to your adjuster. If you bite back, they won't try to feed you the crap. You can always take it to court to get more money from injuries, emotional distress etc etc... (guy who hit you is at fault right?).

    Ride safe.

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