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    Say ... uh ...

    Does anyone on here know where I ccan get a good deal on a new Cannondale, by any chance?

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    Think it was posted in the wrong forum
    Quote Originally Posted by Cuff View Post

    I was going to write something but I couldn't care less.
    Quote Originally Posted by Islesfan91 View Post

    what was the topic again?

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    touche. Damn spammers.

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    why don't we spam the spammers ? , I already sent a message to the douchebags
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    Quote Originally Posted by gxr jo View Post
    why don't we spam the spammers ? , I already sent a message to the douchebags
    Now he's got your email address and expect to receive daily spam.
    Best to ignore them, or better sign them up to some weird porn sites using their email addresses lol
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    If must use your own email and you use gmail, you can use the period and plus sign trick in your email address.

    Google ignores periods in your email address when it resolves where to send email. It also ignores anything after the plussign

    what you do is send email with an address like this: or

    Then when it turns out that the site you emailed is sending you spam you can't filter out (either by their sending address since it changes, or their email content which evades filters) you set a filter to filter out addresses sent to your email with the special terms you put in.

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    Why Cannondale?
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