A guy walks into a bar with a purple satchel
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Thread: A guy walks into a bar with a purple satchel

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    A guy walks into a bar with a purple satchel

    He sits down feeling really depressed. He sets the satchel on the bar, and orders a triple rye straight up. The bartender brings him his drink and asks hey man what's in that cool purple bag? Guy replies Don't ask just give me another triple shot of the good stuff.

    The night goes on, the bars virtually cleared out, and the bartender becomes even more curious about this bag on the bar. Hey man seriously what's in that bag, I think I saw it move!!

    The guy says, oh man, ok here I'll show you. He then opens the bag and pulls out a little piano and reaches in and pulls out a little piano player. He turns over his glass and sets the piano player on top. The little piano player plays Beethoven's 5 th symphony perfectly.

    The bartenders astounded, that is totally amazing. How could you be depressed, you could make some big money with this guy.

    The guy reaches back in the bag and pulls out an Alladins lamp and hands it to the bartender. The bartenders is like WTF? Guy says go ahead give it a rub. Bartender rubs the lamp and poof a Genie comes out. The Genie says loudly I grant you one wish...

    The bartender thinks hmmm I have a great wife, a good job that I love, hmmm we'll I guess I could always use more money.

    Yeah, I wish for a million bucks.... Poof the bar is full of ducks, ducks as far as the eye could see. Bartender freaks out I asked for a million bucks not ducks. Guy says I know, that's my luck, I get the only hard of hearing Genie, do you think I asked for a 12 inch Pianist.....

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    *closes window*

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    I think the purple satchel was his problem not the penis size.

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