Transferring bike/car when using private insurance
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Thread: Transferring bike/car when using private insurance

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    Question Transferring bike/car when using private insurance

    Does anybody know if it's possible to transfer your insurance to the new vehicle (you know, when you trade in your car/bike on the dealer and an autoplan agent comes over and do the paperwork) if you're using private ins. like Megson or Coast Capital?

    Afaik, usually the autoplan agent always represents ICBC so if they do the paperwork, will the new insurance no longer with private and being taken over by ICBC? Do I make any sense here?

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    well you have to get liability with icbc anyways
    so you transfer it into your name and get liability with icbc, then you use private for the rest?
    i think

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    Car example: My mom just bought a car and I believe you have to contact the private insurer with the details within a set time limit and pay/get a refund for the difference in policy values...this is with CDI. She only has basic with ICBC...

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    You get the Autoplan agent to transfer your plate and basic insurarance to your new vehicle. If that agent also sells insurance for Megson or Coast Capital they should be able to transfer your optional insurance as well.

    if not, then you would have to get in touch with the agent you got the optional insurance from. I don't believe you need to do that at the same time as you transfer the plates and basic insurance, provided the new vehicle is of the same type as the old one (eg: bike-to-bike is ok, but not bike-to-car). I wouldn't delay getting that sorted out, however.

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    Aah, now everything make sense. I didn't understand about transferring the 3rd party part, but now it's pretty clear. Thanks a bunch

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