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    1989 gixer 750

    1989 gsxrs

    how are these bikes built? i have heard they are pretty good bikes for their years, and tend to last up to 60 000 kms.. any opinions on the bikes? and what is usually the thing to go? how can i check if the bike has been wheelied? or any other tricks that take a toll on the bike..

    also, anyone know what tire size the rear tire is on this bike?

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    Well, i want one.

    don't know if that's any consolation. (i'd like one from every year)

    As for telling if a bike's been wheelied...good luck. i mean , what bike hasn't.

    things to look for are sprocket wear, rotor scoring...oh yeah..loose rotors. cracks at seems, gear synch acceptance, proper idle, damage to plastic...damage to engine side covers....be weary of new fascia. it usually is a story of damage at one time or another.

    that'll get ya goin.

    oh yeah.

    do you want to go for a ride on sat?

    xjrider, myself, possibly goose or someone else will be out your way.

    we're whoring with the bikes sat, so get in touch.

    where's the bike?

    if it's in k-town or there abouts, i'll come look it over with you.


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    The stock rear tire size is a 160. My buddy had one and just loved . He had no problems what so ever. He had like 37000 - 40000k on it . He bought 5 years ago for just over $5000.00 and sold it for $4500.00. This thing was mint. Not a scratch on it.

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    The best way is to wheelie it yourself, then you know for sure it's been wheelied.

    For your other questions, there are tons of websites that will tell you how to buy a used bike.

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    I own an 88 and have a buddy that has an 89. No complaints. The air\oil cooled engines are pretty strong. I have only heard good things about em and haven't had any problems.

    Only the invisible wheely ghost can tell you if its been wheelied.
    If you want signs of abuse or if its been down check the case covers, frame, forks ect and have a look inside the nose where the speedo is, look for plastic welds.

    Good luck
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