nutcracker Ya Bastid!!!!
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Thread: nutcracker Ya Bastid!!!!

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    Exclamation nutcracker Ya Bastid!!!!

    Ya Bastid!
    I told ya I was low on fule and as I ran out ya whent right by me
    Only one slowed down but he took off after you guys
    I had to tilt the bike over to get enough fule to get to the gas station.
    After that I whent back to the place and nobody ??
    I met with Big Jim I think ,and we looked for you guys ?
    And my bike musta sucked up some crap frome the bottem of my tank and It stalled .and I could not get it runnin I needed to bump it and well, I had to call the wife and she came and gave me a tug with her Side Kick
    I am home now safe and sound and goin to bed .Thanks for the good ride Max!
    look where you want to go even if there's no chance in hell of actually getting there..

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    LMAO, that bastid

    You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is 'never try'. -Homer Simpson

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    Hey FX, I thought you were getting that TM supermoto?
    whats up?

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    Oh crap Kevin!
    I was totally going to follow you guys but you took off from Joey's to fast.
    Does that mean I didn't miss anything?
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    Big Jim "STFU YFI"

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    nope, nobody missed anything...

    you missed out on me trying to do wheelies...NOT SUCCESFULL, i got about 3" !!!

    i saw you Break down, and we circled back about 5min later and didnt see you. we even went to the gas station and nothing?

    oh well, next time!
    R.I.P. Dan and Cody

    Forever in my mind, forever in my thoughts, forever in my heart

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    Glad i didn't miss anything. I dont know what the rush was to take off from Joey's. I hadn't even put all my gear on yet. Whateva

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