newbies and the R6
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Thread: newbies and the R6

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    newbies and the R6

    so how come this bike isn't good for a newbie? i know there are some newbie riders with a R6 on here. How do you find your bike?

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    It's not just the R6. To a new rider any of the current 600's is a path to temptation.

    They don't have any bad habits and they are so smooth that they can suck a new rider into a situation that's way beyond their abilities.

    For some reason the R6 has developed a rep for being beyond the rest in it's class. Perhaps to a skilled rider that can flog it on the track but to mere mortals (the rest of us) there's no real difference.

    It's this sneaky fast thing that makes me cringe to suggest any 600 to a new rider. But many have learned on these bikes with only the "normal" number of close calls.

    For more opinions you should know that we did a "Thread to End All Threads" on this topic a while back. It's in the Articles section as "Best beginner bike.... Once and for all".
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    any of the new 600 have loads of power. I wouldn't say there's anything wrong with starting on an r6, other than your skills probably wouldn't be as high after a season starting on an r6 than a weaker bike. i may be wrong

    the problem that most people have mentioned is that the last generation r6 has a kind of "twitchy" handling. this can be a problem for a newbie who's not ready for the unexpected in a corner. i've read that the new r6 is a bit better in this area.

    the "twitchiness" may be wanted by a seasoned rider who wants instant and precice feedback from the bars, but for a newbie who's not ready for it, it can cause problems.
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    Don't let others frighten you if this is what has happened.

    the r6's are a perfectly safe bike for a beginner.
    as i've said first ride was a 750.

    an r6 is a great bike.

    just respect the self contol lever and your chances of getting bitten are a lot less likely, indeed.

    weaker bikes aren't really anymore safer at all. people seem to accept this popular misconception that because something's "weaker" it's slower.
    well go ride a mini moto and see how forgiving it is just cuz it's weaker.
    i've known people to go and buy 1k's for their first rides. not bad bikes at all. like i say, just respect them.

    rider error and stupidity is the main factor to equate.

    you'll do just fine learning on an r6.

    good luck bro

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    My first bike was a Honda VTR 1000, and prior to my MSF course, I had NO motorbike experience whatsoever.
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    I have a friend that started off an a 01 R1, it was stolen in a short time so he got an 02 R1 and he is doing just fine on it...never had a crash, never even had a close call...its all about control...but a 1982 Seca 400 is a lot easier to control than an R1

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    my first bike ride was on a vtr 1000. it was my nephews bike.then took my MSF course.
    then decided to get a 600 an F4i that is.and i agree with darkstar its all about self i got 2 kids and a loving wife.
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