Canucks Won Game 4!!!
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Thread: Canucks Won Game 4!!!

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    Canucks Won Game 4!!!

    So I caught the last period and a half of the game and was pleasently surprised when the Nucks won!!! So I promptly went down and bungeed my nucks flag to the pillion on my bike and took off for down town.

    Just the energy of the people there was enough to bring a tear to your eye!! Well, that and all the smoke from burn outs! I ripped it up and down robson for about an hour or so until it started to die down and all the cops left. I GOT FLASHED MORE THAN ONCE TOO!!! Very nice tata's girls! I got more than enough compliments on my bike as well. I can't wait until they win the cup! Then I am going to walk downtown because my clutch took a major beating riding around in first gear all the time. Now I need to adjust and maybe replace it too!

    Anyway, I got home and went across to the mohawk for some pop and chips and saw a NVCP car stopped out front of my parking garage. They were checking on the garge. I though that was kinda cool. Keep it up PoPo.

    GO NUCKS GO!!!
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    4 min pp, they'd better score!

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    I was sittin in timmy's after the club tonight and this chick came in telling me that the canucks shouldn't have won!

    i asked her if she lived in b.c.? she told me yes.

    so i asked her why they shouldn't have won and she says cuz minnesota oughta of had it.

    weheeell , fuhuck u! the 'nucks won fair and square.

    anyone who doesn't like the 'nucks can eat a ......
    if you live in bc you support the nucks.

    they'll more then likely let us down this year, but full support to them all the way!

    (sucks about the clutch dude. at least you can be satisfied it was burned in good cause! )

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    Originally posted by rearwheelrider
    if you live in bc you support the nucks.

    they'll more then likely let us down this year, but full support to them all the way!
    WTF? Keep munchin on those balls dude cuz they're goin all the way.

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    Originally posted by rearwheelrider
    they'll more then likely let us down this year,
    At least you are a realist!
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    screw that noise!!!
    they will rape everyone they come across!!
    GO 'NUCKS!

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