Cost to paint fairing and get decals
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Thread: Cost to paint fairing and get decals

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    Cost to paint fairing and get decals

    Hey there,
    I need to replace my left side front fairing on my SV 650S, The only one I could track down is in Toronto and the guy will sell it to me for $80, a big savings from the oem cost of $280. The only problem is the part is a wine red and my bike is the silver model. How much would it cost to match the paint and also can the paintshop get a perfect match or will it be forever a shade different?

    If anyone has information on this please let me know.

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    Well,I've never used these guys,but their business card says"exact colour matching",some shops have scanners to try to get the exact tint or shade of paint.The way the piece is prepared is important also,like primer sealer/color hold out etc.If your bikes original paint is still new looking and not faded,it shouldn't be a problem.-New World 604-591-1156
    How badly damaged is the original?Could try 'First place" plastic welding 604-464-3995

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