Everyone is making a 250 these days - Triumph
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Thread: Everyone is making a 250 these days - Triumph

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    Everyone is making a 250 these days - Triumph

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    For good reason. In the city, a 250 is the way to go. My first riding experiences were on cheap 175/125/250cc bikes in southeast Asia.

    They are a lot of fun.

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    Love the small bikes.
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    Too many years of big-bikes-only hasn't done the industry any favours.
    Nor has the lack of low seat height bikes been a good idea.
    For the most part anyway.

    Many moons ago I had a little motorcycle shop. It was orientated towards sport bikes and racing.
    I was asked many times why I had a little GPz550 instead of the 1100.

    It was more fun in the turns....
    It braked a whole lot better than....
    It didn't punish me as hard when I got stupid with the throttle....
    It was cheaper on insurance...
    It was more fun at the race track....

    I had a blast riding a Ninja 250 around Mission this year. A track day, just for fun, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I can have fun on a big bike too, but I don't dismiss the little guy ;-)

    They are hard to do Mad Max 360s on, that is true!
    chicken strips are a sign of intelligence
    unless you're at the track ;)

    DO IT!

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    honestly, and i know its an unpopular opinion.. i cant stand them... purpose built i guess, but really one more!!??, ooooohhhhhhhh gggggggaaaaaaaawwwwwwdddddddd........

    a whole 25HP you say!!
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