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    Question Cycle Test?

    Just wondering if the actual test has changed to get your class 6?When I took it about 11 years ago, here's how it went:
    1.Being able to use controls(lights,horn,signals,etc..)without looking down!
    2.Walking speed figure8
    3.Walking speed serpentine
    4.Emergency stopping
    5.Reach down to pick up cone on the right and place over top cone on left.
    6.Hand signals
    7.I rode up to the end of parking lot and back.(so he could here my shifting)
    8.Ride down to the MVB cause I passed!
    Is it still the same our more intense?Just curious.
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    we have what you just said, but some more stuff as well.

    then after that, you have to do a actual road test with somebody following behind you in a car, speaking to you via walkie talkie which you attach to avest they give you and run a ear phone to your ear. then after that, you get your licence.

    this is of course, the non N route. if your a N, then it's even more complicated.

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    I dont even remember
    only the best
    ya like an actual road test

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