buy used race tires?
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Thread: buy used race tires?

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    buy used race tires?

    im lookin at gettin some already used race tires...
    someone said that it might not be a good idea cuz they are meant for the track...
    but these are michelin pilot sports, 2003 model..
    are these a special type you think?
    or are they just normal pilot sports used on the track?
    would they be good for normal road use, on a gsxr 750 (89)


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    If you can find out for sure that they are actually the street tires then fine. If they are the race Pilots then run away and hide. You do NOT want race rubber on the street. You won't be able to get them hot enough for long enough to keep them in their "zone". Especially the Pilot Race that seem to have a VERY nasty traction edge when not fully up to temp.... and I've heard they are pretty unforgiving even then. I saw one rider at a track school fall twice in one day thanks to some Pilot races. And she (yes SHE) was one hot rider, one of the faster in that class.
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    Pilot streets should be fine... Don't think there is a race version of the streets, as there is only one compound. Pilot races say pilot races and say which compound they have, soft etc.

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