Soooooo...........whudja get?
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Thread: Soooooo...........whudja get?

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    Spinning right round baby right round.

    Soooooo...........whudja get?

    Or whudja give?

    Got: appleTV, Marguaritaville Blender, couple movies, Bobby Orr's book, ski helmet.

    Gave: wifey new watch, kids Lego and a hockey bag

    Merry Christmas!

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    Lots of sex...but thanks for asking!

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    Starbucks in turn 2.
    The phone's airplane mode gave me uninterrupted sleep until nearly noon, at which point the dog gave me a face full of slobber. Can't complain, really .

    New Years is the big holiday for me!
    "Yamaha" - it's Japanese for "fuck your sports car."

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    hanging out at timmies Array
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    posing with one of my zukes at 7/11
    a suzisomething
    i got a sleep in with out getting disturbed every 5 minutes, new work boots and some discretionary cash.

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    2014 Kawasaki ZX14R
    A Niner Air 9 Carbon XTR Hardtail w/ Fox Fork.........20lbs......Yippeeee!

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    Gave a bunch of stuff to the kids but we don't do gifts for us. I haven't gotten or given a Birthday or Christmas gift (to the wife) in years and I'm OK with that. If I want it I'll buy it for myself.

    Makes Christmas shopping a breeze.

    Church doors are always open to whoever wants to enter, but they're only open to those who are willing to be sheep. The service of God is really service to those self-proclaimed holy men who hold the franchise. Accumulating material grandeur is the goal, not the improvement of the people's lives. Independent thought is discouraged. Raising the individual up is not part of the plan; keeping the flock docile, distracted, and deluded is what it's all about.
    -Joshua Armstrong

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    Fanny Bay
    06 Yamaha R1, 01 Dookie 996
    Gave way too much and got way too much!!
    06 Yamaha R1 (50th Anniversary) - R1's forever!!
    Georgeous Ducati 996 (the only bike as pretty as my R1!!)

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    Williams Lake B.C.
    1984 V65 Magna, 2006 FJR 1300
    New laptop
    There are old riders and there are bold riders. There aren't any old, bold riders.

    Ride safe folks.

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    '13 Tuono V4
    Ghost Drift HD camera and I got the wife a car starter so she can get into a warm car after work!! We usually don't get each other anything or spoil the kids, but man did we spoil the kids this year. Oh and I got to get up and go to work for 7am because my 8 day shift starts today, but at triple time for today and tomorrow its almost like another gift (considering they told me I could go home at 10:00 to spend the day with the family, still got paid the whole day).

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    They're all "Made in China"
    A German Sig!

    .... and loving it!

    F**k STARBUCKS !!!! ..... I'm posing in front of Tim Hortons.

    Life's to SHORT, don't WASTE it.

    Recycle - SAVE the Planet !

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    CBR600RR / RVT1000 RC51
    CRF 230 BSA 650
    Ipod... turntable... mx vid's... fox shirts and hat... a bunch of other neat stuff including a bedrest pillow with arms so I can watch Netflix in bed, err... I mean, just sit and get hummers!! Yeah baby!!!

    Oh, and I painted some house stuff and peeled 13 carrots.
    Long Live Shervin Of The North!

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    2011 KLX250S
    A new 2 foot bong, a bottle of gin, a little chilly ride on the bike today.

    Bought myself 2 SVT-40 rifles as early xmas gifts at start of December.

    My dog got some new toys to destroy & her fav duck jerky.

    Tonight going to be very chillaxed.

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    Where no one can find me!
    I need more room in the shop!
    Got the day off, which gave me the time to finish building my log turner!
    Might not sound like a big whoopie for most people, but I did manage to mill a half a dozen 800 to 1200 lb. fir logs into 1 inch boards and six 8 X 8 inch fir posts for next years project.... A huge Carport!

    And sadly no, I don't get paid for the holiday's cause I work for Mr. Scrooge.

    So plan for tommorrow?
    Go for an early quad ride!
    Then finish edging some boards in the afternoon, pile boards, take count, and cover for the winter.
    As Einstein stated: "All our lauded technological progress -- our very civilization -- is like the axe in the hand of the pathological criminal."

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    I like traffic cones :S Array made Man's Avatar
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    hard in the mac
    tripple time, turkey dinner.

    new years is where it's at for the dirty eastern euros.

    Ded Moroz >> Santa Claus
    "Honda = Boring, Suzuki = Wannabes, Yamaha = Poser, Ducati = Overated, BMW = Compensating, Aprilia = Insecure, Buell = BCIT business... go faKOffee." - PUREVIL

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    Rocky Mountain, 1986 Livingroom (Aspencade)
    Fuck all.... except lots of agravation
    Anything You Can Do...... I Can Do Drunker
    "Growin up leads to growin old and then to dying...... And dying to Me don't sound like all that much fun"

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