Bought a Hubsan H107L. Blast of fun. I'll add more details about later if anyone cares.
here's a pic, on top of my laptop also a delicious beer for scale purposes!

This thing has been crashed 100 of times. Barreled rolled half a football field due to my step brother going nuts with it. destroyed my prop protector! Did its job.If any of you watch Mordeth13 on youtube. He did a quick video of it.

He has the H107D I think which doesn't have 1 of many improvements I have plus no camera(mine doesn't have one yet). Cost me $80 dollars for the RTF package, 1-5 charging cable, 5 larger batteries, 2 spare motors, prop protector, extra blades and landing feet. With the extra batteries I can spend close to 2 hours at open field flying this little guy!