tire size.... and grips :)
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Thread: tire size.... and grips :)

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    tire size.... and grips :)

    hey, i checked teh specs on www.bikez.com and they say my tire (89 gixer 750) is 160/60-17, but my bike has 160/55-17 on em,... i know how to read teh date, but i am not sure exactly what the numbers stand for, can i use both of those tires on my bike?

    also, i know someone was looking at new grips not too long ago, i want to replace mine, anyone recommend any place? or any type of grips?

    and one last thing...

    how much do you think a clutch cable would go for, and how hard are they to install?


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    The 160 is the tire width. The /55 is the % of the width that the profile is high at the center of the tread. The 17 is the wheel rim diameter.

    So the 160/60-17 is 5% taller a tire than the 160/55. Using the /55 lowers the back end very slightly and, if you're good and can feel it, will make your steering input heavier.
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