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    Warranty Questions...

    a spot on the plastic ring/cover of my RPM gauge was melted....after leaving under the sun for like 15 minutes... I think it is because the wind screen some how focus/reflected all the light into one spot on the RPM gauge.

    Anyone with experience with this kind of stuffs...?
    Will warranty cover this....??

    Bike is a CBR954RR

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    That might be a tough call to get fixed under warranty, being mother nature and all. Always give it a shot.

    I try and leave my bike in the shade, if at all possible.


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    YOU've got to be shitting us!

    is the winshield stock...scrap that ...is it all stock? if so , then their should be warranty.

    i mean, cum awn.. is a guy supposed to watch the angle of the sun whenhe parks?

    i've got to say there would be warranty on this .

    talk to tee tee..he's my forum idle in here

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    Do you have a double bubble screen?I know that has caused that problem before. I would try and get it replaced under warranty. For sure. They don`t need to know why it melted. It melted it`s a flaw so replace. That's all you need to say.

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