Why are threads disappearing?
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Thread: Why are threads disappearing?

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    Why are threads disappearing?

    Threads in important sections like New Riders, Riders gear, Dirt Bike/Dual Sport, Super Moto, etc. seem to be disappearing. Thankfully Ride Reports seems to be intact so far.

    What gives?
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    Go to the bottom of the page and change the default from last month, to, 'the beginning' and see if you still think threads are disappearing.

    Maybe they are, I don't pay that much attention, but that will show you everything that's on the server.
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    Have not seen anything gone, maybe sight an couple of examples, or use the search function.
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    It's thread pruning, it's programmable in any forum software to remove and reduce clutter. It could be turned on in some of the subforums. Call Verticalcope and ask for Phillip B.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LCPeter View Post
    Thankfully Ride Reports seems to be intact so far.
    Not really... about half the pics are missing in a
    number of my RR's

    Bit of a PITA, given how much time it takes to
    do them up right
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