Foreign accent syndrome: Can you suddenly develop a foreign accent?
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Thread: Foreign accent syndrome: Can you suddenly develop a foreign accent?

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    Foreign accent syndrome: Can you suddenly develop a foreign accent?

    I pretty sure someone has posted about this b 4 and I have heard about it too and
    im pretty sure their going through hell, but I
    actually haven't listened to them until I watch the lady with the Chinese accent, pretty
    funny, imagine ordering Chinese food over the phone

    TORONTO – Imagine banging your head, and suddenly speaking with a Scottish, Russian, or Chinese accent.

    It may sound like something to laugh at, but for Sharon Campbell-Rayment, it’s no laughing matter.

    On July 11, 2008, Campbell-Rayment, a self-described “Type-A” personality — someone who spoke publicly three times every Sunday at church, who held three jobs, who taught herself the Hebrew alphabet — was out teaching girls horseback riding at a camp she ran.

    It was the one time she didn’t wear a helmet.

    She ended up with small bruising of the brain, but MRIs showed no major brain injury. She took the time to heal and thought that would be the end of it.

    Except it wasn’t.

    Something wasn’t right.

    “I’d go into a store, and people would overwhelm me with conversation, or the noise and the lights,” Campbell-Rayment told Global News.

    Ten days after her accident, she woke up unable to speak at all.

    It took Campbell-Rayment almost a year to regain her speech. And when she did, she sounded more like Sean Connery than an Ontarian.

    “As the speech therapist worked with me, she said, ‘You have an accent. Did you previously?’ And I said, ‘No, actually.’”

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    I know when the Supreme Court of the United States had Sammy Sosa from the Chicago Cubs in there trying to get him to admit taking steroids, although he'd been in the States for a good 10 years, all of a sudden he couldn't speak English lol

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    I have been in BC for over 30 years and have a French accent.
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    Same thing will happen with stroke victims. They have to re-learn what muscles to use and how to use their tongue again. If they are with a specific specialist who has an accent, they will learn that. Just like starting out as a kid again.
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