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    Southern California Vehicle Storage

    Just an enquiry to those out there who regularly head down to southern Cal. I'm trucking a bike down to the L.A. basin in February to ride for 10 days in the relative warmth. Haven't been south of Monterey for 15 yrs. and never ridden a bike south of Morro Bay on the coast. I'm wondering if I'm going to have trouble finding a place to park the truck? I may go as far east as Palm Springs and far north as Santa Barbara while checking out Destination Hwy's higher rated bike roads. I know I've been able to park at Sea-Tac airport hotels for a week free if you stay there the day before and the day after your flight. Is this what you guys do?

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    Yeah. I always park it at the hotel. I usually let them know I will be leaving it, and if I feel some warmth explain the situation. Never ran into an issue.

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    We have done this a few times by leaving it at a hotel. Stay a night or two in the hotel and they are usually ok with leaving it there for a while.

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