I hope this isn't real
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Thread: I hope this isn't real

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    I hope this isn't real

    i heard about this from a guy at work that's on bc4x4s.com.
    it was originally on www.audiworld.com 's forum. you should see some of the responses to it. i am not sure if it is real or not. if it is, this guy is a genius.

    "Hey guys, please help with my mods gone wrong...

    Posted by Powrd1.8T on 2003-03-19 16:27:03

    Hey guys, I've got a 98 1.8T. I've had a k04 and chip for a while and wanted to get more performance. I was recommended to port and polish the intake and exhaust. We found out they used abrasive material to do it like gritty sand. So I got with my friend that tunes Hondas and we decided to try it ourselves. We got a bag of sandblasting sand and hooked up into the intake and started the car. We had to hold the gas so it would run. He wanted to let the engine suck in the sand through the intake so it would port it out and then push it out the ehxaust so it would port the exhaust manifold.
    I was worried that it might cause problems but he figured it'd be OK as long as we didn't make boost and it get sucked in the turbo. After running the car and letting it suck in sand we got about half way through a 25 lb bag. The check engine light was on and the engine was bucking and kicking and sounding really weird. We stopped and hooked the car back up normal and took off the sand supply. We tried to start it again and it was really hard. Once started it couldn't idle and kept making weird noises. We took it out and drove it and it started to make scraping and knocking noises.
    Help! Can anyone tell me what to do! My buddy only does Hondas so he doesn't know much about Audis."

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    Lol, april 1st was over a month ago.

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    I saw that on a bmw site a few months ago it had links from alot of other sites. It makes you wonder if people are really that dumb.

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    OMG! I had visuals as I was reading that.
    Then I was yelling NOOOOOOO, in my head.
    So is it a true story?

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    Some guys can be so freakin stupid.
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    Hahaha F!@$king brutal. i totaly believe its real actually because i know some people are THAT stupid.
    Here's a story i heard from my instructor at BCIT( i took the entry level auto mechanics program there)
    ...He( the teacher) was giving a lecture and mentioned shot peening engine parts for extra hardness/strength. the shot peens themselves resemble little fish weights and i think you use a machine like sandblaster to shoot them at the part( i may be wrong)
    Anyways one guy in another class overheard him talking about it..next day in shop the teacher hears this constant hammering noise and walks over to the guy who's banging a crankshaft with a ball peen hammer. teacher asks " what the hell are you doing??" and the poor dumbass sais " i'm ball peening the crank shaft, you said its good for it" " I said shot peening , not ball peening " " aren't they the same thing??"

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    Trolling.... not just for fishermen anymore.

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    A dollar says they author of this just felt like having some fun and getting people riled up. If that is the case, it worked. Angus.
    I want to be a farmer.

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    i agree, it's difficult to imagine someone doing something that stupid and then telling the whole world about it.

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