My Daddy is a gay dancer
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    My Daddy is a gay dancer

    It was the first day of 4th grade class and the teacher asked all her students what their dad's did for a living.

    The typical answers were replied. Fireman, Policeman, Business man, Mechanic, and etc.

    Little Justin was very quiet in the back so the teacher called on him, Justin what does your Dad do?

    Justin stands up, well, he's an exotic dancer in a gay cabaret and he takes off all his clothes in front of other men while they stuff dollar bills in his underwear.

    The teacher stood shocked and quickly got the students busy with school work.

    She went over to Justin and asked if that was true that your father was a dancer?

    Justin said no he really plays hockey for the Toronto maple leafs but I was too embarrassed to tell the other kids.

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