Thoughts needed on a bike purchase price range
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Thread: Thoughts needed on a bike purchase price range

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    Thoughts needed on a bike purchase price range

    Hey all.
    Small snag in the money department has pushed my plan of getting a new bike this year out of the picture, so had to rebudget some.
    Was wondering what sort of bike the $4000- $5000 price tag would have on it. Make, year, guestimate on mileage, etc.
    As the season shapes up, I am getting more anxious to upgrade the current bike. It was orignally supposed to be the "fill in" bike, but unexpected bills have a way of prolonging too many good things hehe.
    If geography means anything I am in Kamloops, and I usually put on about 30k a year on the bike, so something that would also (well, hopefully) survive that.
    I like the VFR and YZF looks, but am not really too picky. Except for the green Kawi's, which act like a pschotic episode stimulant urging me to find a tire iron. But just the green, hehe, any other color Kawi is good.
    Thanks in advance.

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    its blue
    well, we could discuss all sorts of makes and models, but really, just go to and scroll thru the bikes there.

    You'll find a lot of newer small displacement bikes (like 250-500cc), or middle aged medium displacement bikes (500 cc to about 600 or maybe the odd 750) and much older large displacement bikes (750's and up to liter bikes) that will be within your price range.

    $5000 would buy you an almost brand new Ninja 250.
    Or a somewhat used CBR or similar 600. like a 94 to 97 depending on how much its been used.
    Or an older 750 like an 89 Gixxer 750.

    Anyways, head on down to and scroll around and get a sense of the marketplace.

    I might be slightly off in the years/exact prices quoted above since I don't do much bike shopping, but you get the idea.

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