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    Good reading

    I was doing a search to see if the BCCOM MLA ride had any effect and I found this:
    Similar problems and the city name is the same but the country is different. If you liked the Hurt report and want to see what others are doing about motorcycle safety, give it a read.
    First I saw was 1st year learners restricted to 250cc max. (what was Atlas's phone number?..)

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    I'd be totally cool with the 250cc limit...providing ALL bike manufacturers made an ama class bike in the 250cc mode.
    (ie. GSX-R 250, CBR 250 RR [better have the damned pipe under seat look too!]......)

    It's all still bullshat though.
    you know all these laws are usually pushed onwards by people who have no direct experience in the matter, and only view the stats.
    Can you see someone who rides a sportbike saying "oh sure...limit people to the 250 class"? (*co-ghey-ugh*)

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    They have graduated displacement requirements in the UK as well. Check out a copy of Bike magazine- in the back they have a photo list of every motorcycle available in the UK. You'll notice there are about twice as many as are available here, and there is a huge range of cool small-displacement sport bikes.

    Unfortunately, North America has a real "big is better, small is ghey" mentality to everything. Cars, SUVs, bikes, houses, whatever... It would be hard to convince a lot of people that a 250cc bike could be "cool."

    On the other hand, we have a lot more interstate type highways in N.A., whereas the UK has many more single-lane, secondary roads. Small-displacement bikes can feel a little wheezy on the superslabs.

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    To dismiss it all as crap just because they may not (or may) ride is wrong. Statistics can show us valuable trends and mistakes that we'll never live long enough to make ourselves.
    The Hurt, and similar reports gave us all the background for all the bike school programs and gives us valuable hints that can keep us alive on the road.

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    and I want to see lot's more really advanced small sportbikes so smaller men AND WOMEN can ride better bikes, rather than suffering with crappy crusiers!

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    in other places (like the UK) they have a horsepower restriction.
    so, you can buy a ninja 500, but they restrict it to 33 bhp.

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    I hope I've been long dead when "the choke hold" gets to N A. You don't know what you've had until it's gone!
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    Just buy an Aprilia RS 250.Problem solved..
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    Originally posted by ridenrain
    and I want to see lot's more really advanced small sportbikes so smaller men AND WOMEN can ride better bikes, rather than suffering with crappy crusiers!
    I agree 100% (for my wife)
    Every day I break my previous record of consecutive days still alive.

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    I have yet to read any stats that show that graduates systems reduce anything over the long haul. Each and every state that has adopted graduated systems (for cars) has seen dramatic drops in injuries/crashes/death for a couple years, but after that they return to where they were before. The kids just sit at home and dont drive. Once they get thier licences they are just as new, just as green.

    If ICBC/rcmp brought in a 250cc 'intro' licence nobody would use it. I would take the silly tests and never waste my money on a 250. I would wait out the time limit and buy the bike I want when I was allowed ride it.

    Simple time limits are not the answer.

    ICBC/rcmp already have trouble enforcing the current system. Making this more complicated will simply lead more unlicenced (ie uninsured riders). Maybe thats what ICBC/rcmp wants. They are an insurance company aren't they?


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