2013 BCSB Performance Awards
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Thread: 2013 BCSB Performance Awards

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    2013 BCSB Performance Awards


    1) Most Desperate Poster. (Capt. Kleenex award)
    2) Most Clueless Poster. (Awareness Award)
    3) Happiest Poster. (Effexor Award)
    4) Most Clueless Entrance by a Newb. (Taming Award)
    5) Most Overdone Topic. (Dead Horse Award)
    6) Bravest Moderator. (BCSB Purple Heart)


    1. You can only name one individual per category.
    2. You must nominate someone for EACH category.
    3. You can only nominate once. Duh…
    4. You MAY provide supporting documentation or reasons for your selections. In fact this is preferred, the more dirt the better.
    5. Keep it on topic. We don’t care if you think you’re not that slutty, or that you have issues with not being held as a child.
    6. Bribes are acceptable ways to win/not win particular categories. Bribes do not necessarily need to be monetary.
    7. Team Troll reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary with little to no notice.
    8. Nominations may be made via PM if you do not feel comfortable nominating someone publicly. A Team Troll member will post your nominations up as anonymous nominations.

    On January 31st 2014 we will end the nominations and compile a list of the top 4 nominees for each category. Team Troll will select the winner of course. (Refer to rule 5 above) We will also rank the runners up. The winners will not necessarily be determined by the number of nominations, consider the nominations only suggestions. The winners will be revealed on January 1st 2007 since we all know you people have nothing better to do on New Years Day then read this crap. There will be a little something, something for the poor bastards that win.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand go!

    ps - looks like we also need nominations for team troll V2.0, say top five suggestions/votes get to take the reigns?
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    This thread brought to you by

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    Shit, looks like the DeLorean has to come out of mothballs again if I want to see the winners and losers. Now Marty here's what we're gonna do.............

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHIA View Post
    This thread brought to you by

    I was just reading the original. Hilarious stuff!
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