Arai's new RX-7's
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Thread: Arai's new RX-7's

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    Question Arai's new RX-7's

    Can someone please tell me the difference between the previous '02 rx7 RR vs the new '03 rx7 corsair? I checked the Arai site but all I could find was new paint schemes...

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    Hey Kai.. They're nice helmets, picked one up from Aaron at Modern. From what I remember from my prior research, the most noted differences are the new "diffuser" on top, it's a lil lighter, the weight is centralized more to the bottom of the helmet less strain and head fatigue, and the BEST part... NEW TRICK GRAPHICS!!

    hope that helps...

    Happy Riding

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    If you want great ventalation in a helmet this is the one.
    But it comes at a price too. The more the ventalation the
    more wind noise you get too.
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    i have also heard arai changed the shape of the corsair to more egg shaped(crown area) to accomidate a wider variety,so make sure to try on each one.

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