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    RiP Shirley Temple

    RiP Sherley Temple, a great singer, actress and drink has deceased.

    In her honor, I would like to dedicate the use of the phrase "Shirley Temple" on BCSB, to describe someone's riding.


    "Made Man doesn't drag knee, he rides like Shirley Temple".
    Long Live Shervin Of The North!

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    I will go to a favourite watering hole tonight and hoist one in her honour. Complete with maraschino cherry, of course!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bandito View Post
    "Made Man doesn't drag knee, he rides like Shirley Temple".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Land Roving
    Life is too short to own ugly motorcycles.

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    Shirley grinding her Temple???


    aka Tony

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    Quote Originally Posted by bandito View Post
    RiP Sherley Temple.
    I think you need to switch to Shirley Temples.
    Fill the house with bees.

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    I like Shirley Temples!
    Sad news indeed. That little girl was a real Princess.
    In her later years she became a diplomat of some sort I believe.

    I think a better way of remembering her would be?

    A Shirley Temple:

    "A female rider that can drag knee with the best of them".
    " A real princess on two wheels."

    I'm pretty sure you can twist it around to include...
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