Autonomous Robot Motorcycle
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    Autonomous Robot Motorcycle

    It does better than I do at McNutt
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    Aside from that; the real interesting thing is that scientists don't know how motorcycles work (and bicycles).

    They thought the did; but if they had to present a viable theory it couldn't be proven. They thought it was all rake and trail combined with the gyro effect of the wheels but there's more going on.
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    I'm pretty sure the guy doing the speaking, didn't catch the point that to go left, you steer actually right. Maybe in a slow turn, you could steer left and go left, but not at any real speed. A trike on the other hand, would do exactly what you want it to do, steer right, go right.

    Although, the motorcycle didn't really do very well, it shows something that makes things more plausable, and that is?

    It doesn't take a huge amount of gear to make something do something.
    In the beginning, they showed all these larger vehicles, some even had generators on them for power, of which, smaller is better, so a motorcycle is about as small as you would ever get... well other than a RC vehicle.

    Best of luck, I'll still ride my own bike, with me behind the controls.
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