1990 yamaha yzf exup my beginner bike lol
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Thread: 1990 yamaha yzf exup my beginner bike lol

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    Talking 1990 yamaha yzf exup my beginner bike lol

    Purchased my buddys bike a 1990 yamaha yzf exup for $2500.00 american dollars, and yes this is my beginner bike. Its 1000cc and I know yap yap too much HP but its better than my plan of purchasing a brand new 2003 honda 600rr. As he said i will drop it and I need the experience before i buy a new bike which is great advice.

    Anyways heres the thing folks Im asking for YOUR help in little knicks and knacks on the bike like the front right side plastic is scraped up but he recommends i dont replace it because i might drop it. But what i do need is new end grips and the bar itself i guess, it was plastic and its cracked from when he scrubbed. Anyone know a cheap website to order new grips from ... how about the plastics also for this bike? might want to get new plastics maybe 8 months from now when i have more experience.
    Ill take any advice maybe even modify like you say.
    Oh yeah defenitely need slider bars i think theyre called in case the bike falls any sugestions? THANKS A MILLION!

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    E-bay has a lot of the parts. You are right, it's a good idea to not put on the clean plastics until you're a little more experienced. Sliders are a good investment too. I wouldn't sink a whole pile of money into fixing up the bike. If it was a good deal, then try to take care of it for now so that you will be able to get most or all of your money back when it's time for something newer.

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