ZX-6R engine ticking
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Thread: ZX-6R engine ticking

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    ZX-6R engine ticking

    Hello everybody,

    I have a ZX-6R that has a very pronounced ticking sound which is noticable at idle, and when riding (it turns into a buzzing sound at higher rpm that you can above other "normal" engine noises).
    Cam chain has been adjusted and valves are within spec.

    Has anyone else experienced this. The dealer says "for better or worse its gonna be there". I noticed that someone mentioned their 9R did the same thing. Might this be a common thing on Kawasaki's or is mine "special".

    Any responses would be appreciated as I want to be sure my engine is not messed before the warranty is up.


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    Ticks are never "normal".

    something's wrong. Do a compression test for starters.

    you could have a number of things /// one or more problems...right from worn cam lobes, to piston slap, bearing over clearences....the list goes on.


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    I have an '02 6R. Been tickin' since new. According to the review in sportbike rider (they had an '01 long-term tester) they had the same ticking for the entire 10,000 miles.

    I did notice however that the ticking was less pronounced after I swithched to Motul semi-synthetic.

    Give it a try.
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    Kawi's do have a weird kind of ticking to them. Depends how bad. I thought it was my cam chain tensioner, and 98/99's did have a problem, but mine was ok. Best thing to do is to find someone on here who has a ninja of your year (lotsa people) and listen to theirs, like on a ride or meet up. Or else get the local shop you frequent to just take a listen. They can tell if its ok or not probably right away. Cam chains are real obvious. If in doubt, let the experts take are of it. But someone u trust of course!

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    no ticking sound but there was a small one...but never heard since I am moved to Motul and then on to Kawasaki S$ fully synthetic...

    though if you don't have 5,000 kms on the bike don't move to synthetic at all stay mineral....

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