Warranty Claim Experience (EBC rotors)
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Thread: Warranty Claim Experience (EBC rotors)

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    Warranty Claim Experience (EBC rotors)

    Can anyone please share their experience with Warranty claims?

    My buddy purchased some EBC fully floating race rotors and recently put them on my bike (stock ones warped). I noticed a bit of chattering but got worse. I just thought that I had to break in my new rotors and brake pads. Then I took my bike to a couple of track days in LA and it started getting worse. (That is a total of 1 riding day and 2 track days on the rotor)

    My Buddy called EBC and they just told us to change the buttons on the rotors which I had to pay for. Still F*ucked.

    EBC told us to ship the rotors to them which I did. Today they called him and said that we were right the left rotor and carrier are warped. Well no duh! I could of told them that. My buddy tells me that I'll have to wait another 3-4 weeks till EBC can ship to rotors to me. I'm steaming mad now because:

    -2 track days in LA ruined
    -Money spent to change the buttons as suggest by EBC
    -Money spend to ship the rotors to them
    -time my buddy had to spend calling EBC

    -and now I have to wait a month for my new rotors and miss
    2days of Spokane track days and a month riding which costing me about $200/month.

    What bullshit! I'll never buy anything from EBC again.
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    interesting about the buttons,the rotors come with pretty anodized red ones installed but they give you(supposed to give you)spare silver ones that let it float waay better.the red ones are real tight after just street riding and probably would warp the rotors if left to long.so why the fk did they even put them on the rotors in the first place damn it. if they want you to changem anyway!makes no sense we had to do big jims tlr ones a short time after install. sucks big

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    Sorry to hear about your experience with EBC, Gary Gallagher is the rep from the North West and he helped me out lots. In 98 I was at a Formula USA race and had been racing for 2 yrs so still pretty new. He gave me a set of "kit pads" which were new back then basically gave me a set of rotors for next to nothing. Then he sold me pads for a few years for a deal.
    I am sold on EBC after that experience, I would have another set on my bike but money right now is tight so just using the stockers, don't stop as well from 150 MPH plus but oh well

    Maybe give him a call and see whats up, hes a good guy. You can find his # on the EBC website, I hope you get it cleared up cause not racing is like having your finger nails pulled off one by one,
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