First 600cc...suggestions???
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Thread: First 600cc...suggestions???

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    First 600cc...suggestions???

    Hey there....I'm looking for my first bike, 600cc....wanting to spend about 5-7k probably.

    I have about 14hours of experience on a modded '97GSXR600.....

    Don't know a heck of a lot about bikes but I was just curious what are your guys' suggestions on a good bike....don't want to have to be buying a new one shortly down the road, want a good, reliable bike, that's up to date and can compete with the latest technology.

    Let me know of your experiences with your 600's and also post if you know of a good buy...

    Thank you very much

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    Nothing wrong with the SRAD gsxr being at the top of the list. They are great bikes and faster than many of us mere mortals will ever be able to handle. Lots of availible parts and have a good reputation for reliability.

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    Seriously, any of the bikes from the Big 4 from the past 3 or 4 years is fine. They are all super reliable, assuming proper maintanence. And they are much better than the riders that are mounted on them so it's the rider that is the limiting factor rather than the bike. Just pick the one that fits your stature the best and have at it. Your price limits how new a bike you can get. For that much I suspect you're looking at mid to late 90's stuff.

    And if that 14 hours is your total riding history then please don't think you're anything but a newbie. The fact that you're in one peice makes it a good beginning, nothing more.
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