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    I was ripping up Cypress today and encountered some wildlife on the way back down. A nice big deer and a volkswagen size bear. So for all those who love back road riding, keep your eyes peeled for large bike wrecking animals! Since the weather is getting nicer, bears are coming out from their caves and forests and stuff.

    Ride safe and stay focused to your surroundings.
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    I'm probably riding up to Prince George on Wednesday. I'm going to see if I can find a deer whistle to clip on to the bike for the trip up. Maniacs on the road make me nervous but animals on the road scare the shit out of me.

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    The Deer are deadly man! i'm tellin ya!

    as for the bear, well... not something you want to run into.
    we're talkin "oowies" should that happen.

    I met a guy called mike in vernon on sat. night (he should be joining this site soon) and he had some of those "wildlife whistles" on his stock Fzr blinkers.
    Probably not such a bad idea.

    At any rate....i'm thinkin it's full "head's up" this season for the road game.

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    Last week coming home I was just coming up on one of my favorite twisties section. Right along the lake, and if no semi trucks are crawling through the area, you can hit the turns at 140 or so and really lay the bike low. While ripping through one corner I come up on a deer very close to the white line, the line my head is starting to peek over.
    The only thought going through my head was "Hmm, I'll be damned, antlers" and I just tried to tuck in more to the bike lol.
    It wasn't till I got home that the vision of an antler driving into my helmet replayed itself in true hollywood fashion.

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    I flew around a corner heading for D'arcy last year on my FJ and lumbering across the road was a big brown bear. I said, "Holy shit...you don't see too many brown bears.", tightened and wiggled my line a bit to avoid him and carried on. It was scary but, not my closest animal encounter by a long chalk. Would have been less scary if the bike actually handled.


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    I nearly clipped a huge moose once when I lived in Burns Lake. Of course, I wasn't on my bike, but it still scared the crap outta me.
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    I've hit one going about 80km and was launched from my bike. I guess the deer got too excited and decided to run out at me. This happened at 3:30 in the afternoon up at SFU last year. And the deer won, because my bike was totalled and it ran off. Do a search if you want to read about it in detail.

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    Originally posted by SpideRider
    I nearly clipped a huge moose once when I lived in Burns Lake. Of course, I wasn't on my bike, but it still scared the crap outta me.
    Same thing happened to me on the way to Burns Lake too, only there were TWO moose in the road. It was dark, and I wondered what those white things were in the distance. It wasn't until I was a lot closer, that I realized they were just it's skinny legs, and their huge dark bodies were on top. I managed swerve around them, luckily.
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