Anyone in Car/Truck Rental Biz ?
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Thread: Anyone in Car/Truck Rental Biz ?

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    Question Anyone in Car/Truck Rental Biz ?

    Im looking to rent a vehicle for 2-3 days for a Road trip, (I know, why not take the bike).... it involves a couple people so a bike wouldnt be an option.

    I was just wondering if anyone worked in the industry or knew of a place with nice prices, let me know. I appreciate it. Thanks people =)

    And don't worry, the bike road trips with be done this summer as well.. no question about it.

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    Yeah right!
    discount rentals on kingsway (kingsway and 13th) was great. lowest prices i've seen and i did my research (when i needed it for mission). they're one of the few that offer unlimited mileage.

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    sounds good man. thanks.... ill check them out buddy.
    give me a shout when you wanna do those ice cream runs. lol

    anyone else got any suggestions, shoot em out. =)

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