I used to think RMS was cool,

I havent recieved a call with an update on my bike. Ive had my deposit on it since December.

When Randall calls to say my bike is in (hopefully in June) I'm gonna tell them I don't want it.

My deposit was simply my tax voucher from ICBC which expires after 90 days anyways. I can just get it reprinted for when I DO have a bike to buy.

That being said, they want too much for that bike $12,500 when a lot of people are paying less for them.

I think I'll wait until one shows up in the paper used.

That being said, I'm blowing all my bike money to go to alaska, so I might be out of commission this year until I decide to find a steady income. I don't really have the cash to make bike payments to own 3 vehicles and insurance and race my car.

And the car is priority this year.