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    newbie question...

    hey.. would anybody know anything about over heating on a bike..

    does overheating make your bike do crazy things...

    well when we went down to white rock and on my way back... we got stuck in traffic.. took about an hour to get to the messa tunnel..

    i remeber that my temp on the bike was 115 and i was stuck in traffice for about 1 hour..

    it prolly bad for the bike to get this hot...but i couldn't help it

    but while i was waiting.. my bike gauge said i need gas.. b/c my res tank on my tank said i using it now...

    later.. my bike just died.. batt was dead or somthing.. and wont turn over..

    only after we pushed the bike up the tunnel then i was able to jump start it..

    today the bike started up ok.. the res tank on my gauge didnt lite up....????? so i ask the questoin again..

    does overheating make the bike go nuts.. ???

    i do know the batt was drained when i left it for 2 months in storage.

    so... if any mechanic or anyone know a thing or two... about this please let me know..

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    Overheating the bike is never a good situation.

    if you're in slow moving traffic where you're at a walking speed, you might as well just shut the bike off.

    As for the bike doin weird things due to heat....that really is unlikely but it all depends on how tolerant the CPU is to temp changes and where it's placed.

    Does your bike idle too low? because the charging system may not be sufficient with a weak battery and a low idle to keep the batery charge levels maintained.

    Get an experienced friend or a bike tech to check 'er out.

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    I've heard before that some bikes don't recharge the battery at idle. That means your battery got drained if you were in stand still traffic for an hour...If it's a new battery it should recharge itself as soon as you get the bike going. Overheating a bike shouldn't have any effect on the battery. Next time you're in stand still traffic, turn the bike off and walk it when you need to. Save your battery and your gas.
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    115 isnt all that hot for bikes, have heard of them getting up to 130

    your batts prob just dead from what flo said.

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